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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Small LED Lights

Small LED Lights What makes LED lights so functional is their size. Small LED lights are great for crafts, or for use in a room or even as outdoor illumination.

LED diodes themselves are a bit smaller than an eraser on a pencil. The fit nicely within a thin strip of wire or inside a small casing.

Some of the best small LED lights are used with compact battery packs which are then attached to a long string of lights.Small LED Lights

There’s lots of variations of this style and is often one of the most used smaller light sources.

A couple characteristics to look for is the actual color of light, the on/off control, how long light strips or how big and what the ideal light would be for your application.

How to Choose Small LED Lights

Choosing a color changing light revolves around a few things: where you’re going to put the light(s), how you’ll control it or turn it on/off, and if you need some specific functionality like dimming or strobing.

Where are you going to add the light?

Among other aspects, choosing an LED light is mainly about the location. No doubt, you probably already have the perfect location in mind, but it’s always helpful to know where you need the light to be. 

Depending on where it will be located, you can pick and choose what light might function best for your application.Small LED Lights

For example: if you need lights on a ceiling fan downlight, a floor lamp or desk lamp, you can easily swap in a color changing bulb fairly easily.

If you are wanting to use a string light across a long section of cabinetry, wall or entertainment center you may need something that requires a power supply to plug in to a wall outlet.

How do you want to control the lights?

This is the fun part, right? There’s so many cool features when it comes to LED lights and especially LED color changing lights.

These days, you’ll probably want to control your lights with an app on your mobile device or even use a voice command in Alexa, Google, or Siri.

It’s fairly easy to download and pair smart bulbs to a manufacturers app. This gives you ultimate control without relying on IR (infrared) which limits range.

Controller options include:

  • App on your phone
  • Voice commands
  • Wireless remote control
  • Regular wall switch

Do you need your lights to have a specific function?

Along with color changing capabilities, LED bulbs and strip lights can also feature standard cool or warm whites, have dimming control, memory functions, timer settings and even voice commands.

It’s important to find the functions that works best for your application and lifestyle.

How Long Do Small LED Lights Last

Typically, the lifetime of color changing LED lights will range from between 25,000 to 50,000 hours of useful life. LEDs slowly fade over time instead of burn out like incandescent bulbs.

The long LED lifetime is one of the main benefits to using these light fixtures. They use a lot less energy than traditional incandescent lights and also generate less heat.

How Hot Do Small LED Lights Get

LED lights are capable of generating millions of color hues based off of the core colors of Red, Green and Blue, commonly referred to as RGB.

Depending on the LED light fixture, you can change or rotate through colors with wireless remotes, mobile apps or controllers.

Can all colors be made? There’s a few colors like browns and pinks that are not capable of being produced or are more difficult to produce.

Best Small LED Lights

1. Small LED Lights for Crafts

Mini string lights are a creative and easy way to add small decorative lights around the home. The small string lights have thinner wire than regular strip lights do and can be formed in and around objects.

This 6 pack of Oak Haomie lights come with two small CR2032 batteries that fit inside of a battery pack. Perfect illumination for a dinner table or craft project. 

  • Low heat output
  • Extra thin string wire that’s formable
  • 7 foot length is great for small projects
  • Small battery pack that’s easy to hide
  • Waterproof string lights
  • 6 volts
  • Warm white 2600-2800K
  • 6 pack of lights
  • 7 or 10 feet lengths
  • 2x CR2032 battery included
  • On/off switch mode

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